Nutrition is an essential part of healing.

Nutrition is an essential part of healing. Many symptoms and conditions can be reduced and co-managed with nutrition. Also, practicing good weight management and eating right can lead to a healthier life, with less illness and the ability to live life to its fullest. Knowing, unfortunately, is one thing, but putting it into practice, without giving up, can be harder to do. Fad diets can make you feel guilty about the food you eat and can deny healthy things that you really need, all for the purpose of some temporary weight loss. We can show you how to do it, on your own, with some essential tips to follow.

Stop guessing your nutritional needs. What does your body prefer?

We utilize traditional methods of testing as well as nutritional response testing to determine the needs of the patient. This leads to an individualized nutritional plan that will quickly give you the results you want.
When it comes to nutrition, everyone has an opinion. Diets range from no carbohydrates to only protein to just drinking juices. Ever wonder what your body prefers? With the current technology, you no longer have to wonder. You can ask yourself! Yes, technology has advanced, and I’m not talking about the latest iPhone. Now, you can communicate with your body. Your body is energetically connected, and the bio-communication between your body and ZYTO software is a breakthrough in science.

The Zyto scan introduces subtle energetic impulses to your body through the hand cradle. Your body responds to this energetic impulse and the ZYTO records each response. Gain better insight to your health, identify your biological nutritional preference, save money by investing in what your body prefers and increase your energy level. The Zyto scan allows you to remove the guesswork out of your supplements.

Our office employs many nutritional testing methods including Nutrition Response Testing, Body Composition Measurements, Biosignature Modulation, and Blood Work Analysis. By partnering up with the doctor on your quest for good weight management and eating right, you can get excellent advice on portion control and how much your body needs to burn calories, as well as suggestions for exercises to trigger your healthy weight loss.

In cases like this, the doctors at Chiropractic Center of Lakeland know best and can help you avoid a lifetime of bad health conditions and premature bone injuries from carrying around that excess weight. Want to know more about good weight management and eating right? At the Chiropractor Center of Lakeland our caring professionals are dedicated to keeping you as healthy as possible. Call us today, and we’ll get you started on the right path as soon as possible.